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About Us



Owned and operated by Dixie Ford Sales, we have been 1 of the leading dealers when it comes to Mustang sales. We carry the heritage of the SVT branding to heart still today while we continue to strive to perfect our custom one of a kind specialty builds. With a dedicated team comprised of a certified Ford Technicians, sales and parts members  we will strive to ensure you will have no hesitation whether you are just purchasing parts or a custom build. We welcome our partnership with one of Ford's partners and that is RTR Vehicles. Dixie Ford is a licensed parts and vehicle dealer & builder for RTR and we offer everything for one of designs to any of the RTR Spec packages they offer from Mustang to Ranger and also the F-150 and Bronco. If you have any interest in modifying your currant vehicle or even a new purchase please reach out to our Performance Rep Kevin who will be glad to help and assist you!